A book choice for little readers – Oct, Nov & Dec 2018

My little one is in love with books. The more we read – the more he wants to read. And by read, I mean browse, but I do hope that some time soon he will get interested in the actual words and sentences, and would like to give it a go himself. He is my “little reader” – the one, who gives me incentive to keep looking for new and exciting children’s’ books and the source of inspiration for this series.

Although this is my first post for 2019, since it kind of recaps the last few months of 2018, I am not going to count it as a new beginning, but as a nice ending. 

So, without further ado (I think I am using this expression way too much, but promise will try to leave it in 2018 😊 ), let’s dive into the children’s books that interested my little son’s mind over the past three months.

What’s that? On the farm.

I think this one remained his top choice the longest. I checked, and it turns out that this book, together with the next three children’s books down this list, I have renewed 5 times already. It is nothing special – lots of pictures with words, describing what one can see on a farm. The key, I think, were the animals. He loves to imitate animal sounds now and I think this coincided with him learning these at the nursery as well. But also, the tractor. This amazing vehicle seems to be of great interest to our son. We even had to adapt the song “The wheels on the bus” to suit a tractor in the field. It’s a very amusing book, although farms are not a usual surrounding for children nowadays. However, I still remember going to my great-grandmother’s house as a kid every weekend, where this was actually a reality, so it is not foreign to me at all.

Peek-a-boo Baby!

Super simple book, but very interactive. On each page you get an animal hiding behind an object. And to tell you the truth – it doesn’t get old. My son has been through it so many times and never got bored of peeking through. The best part comes at the end, where instead of an animal there’s a mirror for your little one to look at himself (something my son loves).

Baby’s first 1 2 3

This children’s book was my choice and it didn’t catch my son’s attention for quite a while. It is very well illustrated with embossment on the various objects. At some point he just started looking through it and especially there’s a page with buttons, which he loved pressing onto, even though nothing happened as a result.

My first alphabet

This poor book. It must have been borrowed countless of times, because it was not in a good shape. However, it is also very interactive and each page offers at least one illustration with a different texture. I think that book helped him learn quite a few of his first words, for which I am grateful. Some of the words were too complicated so I tried to focus on at least one word on each page that he can pronounce. The funniest was “I, for Ice-cream cone”. Well, he only heard the “scream” part and every time we say that word he screams like in that song “Row, row, row your boat…”.

The next three books we actually bought for him second-hand from our local library. They were 10p each and well worth the investment.

My first body

This one I think is meant for probably older children, but nevertheless my son loves it. It is a very comprehensive source of words for body parts, clothes, actions, etc. all illustrated with baby pictures. It helped him learn and exercise pointing at different parts of his face and body and also, he loves looking at the other babies.

Itsy Bitsy spider

Anyone who has a kid around here knows this song probably too well. However, this book gives 5 or 6 different scenarios of spiders of different names, climbing different parts of a house. And that, to be honest, is very convenient if you, just like me, got bored of singing one and the same thing over and over again. Everything rhymes and can be sung with the melody and rhythm of the original song, so it’s quite refreshing.

Merry had a little lamb

Another one from that based-on-a-song series of children’s books. This one, though, you cannot really sing with the original melody, but that doesn’t make it less interesting. There are cut-outs on each page in the shape of a different lambs and you can follow through Mary’s journey with all her lambs to different activities, where they both took part.

Well, seven is not a bad number at all.  Seven books in three months – we almost learned them by heart. Despite that, our son did not get bored of them at all and I was feeling very anxious when I had to return some of them to the library, because I knew he’ll miss them. I am planning another journey to pick some new ones up, so hopefully we’ll have some good finds in the new year as well.

Happy reading


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