A book choice for little readers – August and September edition

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Now let’s move to the actual post…

Unfortunately, these past couple of months haven’t been too successful in terms of kids’ books. We did get to look through quite a few, even though we went on a couple of trips, where toys were of higher priority, however, most of them were not so good and therefore did  not make it to my list.

So here are my top three picks for August and September:


  1. Orange, pear, apple, bear. – This is a very unusual children’s book because there’s no storyline in it. It basically is a play on words – the 4 words from the title. It was not my favourite, but little one has been super chuffed about it. He keeps on bringing it to me and starts going through the pages pointing at the different object, waiting for me to tell him what he’s pointing at. I also think he has a soft spot for bears and this was the first thing he noticed in the book.

  1. Things that go– This is one of those little lovely books that take one topic and cover some of the most common “objects” from that area. Here, in addition to the moving objects, there’s a transcript of the sounds that they make, which for me, as a non-native speaker of English, was very handy as I learned something myself as well. We also used the opportunity to sing a few songs like “Yellow submarine”, “The wheels on the bus”, etc., which my son loved and we enjoyed as well.

Note: I apologize for not having a picture of this one. You can, however follow the link from the title, which will take you to the exact book I am talking about.


  1. Milo’s first adventure – This book was part of a big set, which we received as a gift from one of my friends, who is obsessed with cats. It had this book, together with a couple more, which my son does not find too fascinating, and a bracelet that has a bell in it. So this particular book I think he likes because of the cat’s head that peaks through every page. We’ve already learned the rhymes from each page by heart, and can tell the story without even looking. This, however, gives us the opportunity to play a bit more with the cat’s head and rub its nose to my son’s cheeks, which he loves. Unfortunately, he also found out that the cat’s head has a reverse side, which, quite frankly, I find hideous and super scary. With a bit of imagination, however, we decided that this side looks like and owl’s face, so now our cat has two identities both of which my son loves.

I warned you that this post was going to be short and there it is – three books long. However, I do hope that you can find something interesting for you and your little one to enjoy together and I hope to come back in a couple of months with some more recommendations for you.


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