7 novelty items for easy parenting

Novelty baby items for easy parenting

7 novelty products I wish I knew existed before baby number one

I’ve hinted it here and there but if you haven’t been with my blog till now or haven’t noticed my little clues, I need to admit that we are expecting a baby. Our little son is going to be promoted from being currently referred to as “the baby” to big brother.

In light of this exciting news, I have been doing some research. That’s how I stumbled on some new, more practical or just novelty things from the world of baby raising.  These can add up to our current collection that we have from our son, and will probably use for the next baby as well.  I have to say that if you have the money and space to store things you might go completely wild on baby stuff. Unfortunately, we are neither. Even if we were, however, I am not sure I would have bought everything I set my eyes on. The reason is that I’ve been raised to be a bit more careful with my spending (thanks mum and dad 🙂 ).

I am, however, a total geek when it comes to novelty things in almost any realm of life one can think of. So if you are one too I think you might find the selection below pretty interesting. If you are not, but like to have some practical and novelty baby things, I might have done the research job for you. Just go ahead and get the ones you like and can afford. I am not sure if I will be getting any of these things myself. This pregnancy hasn’t hit me yet even though I am 4 months in. In addition, I have most of the things I need from our son. The ones that were not borrowed or destroyed I plan on using again.

  1. Babymoov dream belt

    Even now I am considering buying one. Being pregnant second time around I am once again having trouble sleeping. In my first pregnancy I used a pregnancy pillow. However, it was so big that it seemed like there were three people sleeping in our bed. Moreover, whenever I tried to turn from one side to the other I had to take it out from under our duvet and shuffle it back in on the other side, which was not an easy task to achieve. Not to mention that by the end of my pregnancy my belly was so big that it didn’t help at all. This belt seems like magic because it’s something you wear to sleep. That would make it easy to move around with, and seems to “grow “with your tummy.

  2. Paperclip bag THE JOJO

    I came to realize with my first child that for me the best changing bag was a backpack, because if I am somewhere without the stroller it is much easier to carry all the changing stuff and the baby. This particular bag I liked, however, because it has a very cheeky changing station, which is an integral part of the bag itself. This seems to clever to me because I’ve used so many things like blankets, paper towels and what not. I don’t like the changing mats they put in diaper bags. They never fold properly and take up too much space. That’s why I haven’t used mine and don’t even know where I’ve put it. This one is so well though it’s unbelievable. It is detachable and can be washed separately, has covers on the sides for extra privacy and keeping the baby inside, material is said to be waterproof so you don’t get a wet bag if the baby has an accident. The styling of the bag seems a bit sporty to me but they do have more sophisticated versions at higher prices if that’s what you like.

  3. Meemoobaby babylight

    I am not too convinced about this one, but decided to include it, because with my first kid I came to realize how important it was to have the right kind of night light.  Before having kids, we would look for one that can easily be switched off and on, bright enough to read under, and with the option to point it in various directions. With a baby, the most important thing I found was the strength of the light, but this time I was looking for the softest and most subtle lighting that would be bright enough to see the baby, but not too bright that you cannot sleep when it is on. The light that we have is amazing and I couldn’t recommend it more. This one, however, seems very practical as well, with the addition of being small enough to carry around. I am not too eager to recommend or try it because I don’t know how bright it is in real life. This seems to be my main concern, but as an idea I quite like it.

  4. Portable blackout blind

    A must have! If you try and teach your baby to sleep during the night, you need to actually have a night. Especially in the summer, it might be difficult to get a long night of darkness. This may result in your baby waking up at the break of dawn. To prevent that, you need blackout curtains , however, they don’t always work. What’s more, if you like to travel, like we do, a portable one might be quite handy.

  5. A side seat for pushchair

    I am really pondering on this one, because my older son still cannot walk for more than 5min and I don’t feel like giving the money for a new stroller that can fit both kids.  But then this invention, although priced on the lower end, costs almost as much as we paid for our buggy. You see why I am undecided?  Not to mention that I am not sure whether it will actually fit with our buggy. However, it does seem like a nice idea.

  6. Doddlebags

    With my son I used to carry his food around in glass jars, which are heavy and can break fairly easily. I am seriously considering these for our next baby, because they seem quite convenient and practical.

  7. The bagrider

    This is something I feel I almost invented during our last holiday in Greece. We traveled by plane and did not bring a buggy. Still, my son wanted to be carried around all the time. Mind you that for someone already carrying a baby in her belly, that was an impossible task. That’s why I would occasionally have him sit on top of my suitcase holding onto the handles, and let him ride this way. Unfortunately, he was still too heavy and I was concerned that the handle might break. In addition, I couldn’t count on him holding on. Solution was to slightly hold him with one hand, while steering with the other – not the best one. This invention, however, solves it all. It has an extra pair of wheels for additional support, and a harness to hold the baby in place. It does seem like there is a minimum age for it, and probably maximum kilograms, though. This would limit the usage, but if you are planning on having more kids and manage to get it with the first one, it could be worth it. Furthermore, later on you could just pile up some extra bags on top of it, where the child is supposed to sit, and it will still be handy to use.

That seems to be all I’ve found so far. Being far enough into this pregnancy I am already making a list of necessary things to buy. We will see what makes the cut. The truth is that most things in the list above are not exactly necessities. These rather things to pamper yourself with. That’s why if we get everything else on time I might just ask for one of them as a gift. That is, of course, when someone asks what to get for the baby, depending on the budget.

A short disclaimer: This is not sponsored. I would not profit in any way from this post or the links included. As I said, I just am crazy about novelty things and this is me sharing the results of my interest with you. I hope you’d find it useful in some way. 

All pictures used belong to the linked websites and are posted here only as an illustration for the items described.



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