A thief with bomb-squat experience, who can win Music Idol

Who? What?

I am not going to go into detail about how I help by baby fall asleep, just because this post isn’t about it. I actually want to talk about a certain skill set I’ve acquired since having him, which might prove useful in some questionable occupations, but at the same time they’re there and I feel like I’ll have them my whole life now. That being true even if you wake me up in the middle of the night leaving me completely unprepared.

So first off is leaving things (in my case a particular someone), with the care, attention and lightness of someone laying or just operating with a bomb. And to be honest, if you feel that comparison is too strong – believe me at some point it hasn’t been exaggerated. There were times when I’d just have managed to get him to sleep in my arms and was leaving him in his bed to finish off his rest, when as soon as a hair on his head touches the mattress, a siren went off. A siren with a very sensitive sensor that would turns it off as soon as you go back to “holding” position. Then all is good except that it is too late and all the neighbours know you did not manage to leave the sensitive package gently enough. Good thing is that you get a second attempt… and third… and fourth… and so forth 🙂

You must have seen at least one of the Mission impossible movies. Well, I am very much sleek and smooth like Tom Cruise when it comes to moving through our apartment while the baby is sleeping. I do not use a baby monitor, just because I bought one and did not like it, and I never got round to trying a new one. That, however, requires me to check on my baby fairly often, especially in the early days. This meant going quite close to his bed to see not only if he is well tucked away, but also if his chest is moving up and down in breathing motions. And all that, by walking on a squeaky floor. I am such an expert now, that I know every noisy bit on the floor to avoid and sometimes I feel I am so smooth, I almost levitate around the house while he is sleeping. I am so good that I can rob my own house and even I wouldn’t notice. But this skill took a lot to acquire and in the beginning I was the elephant in the glass store 🙂

And last but not least- Ed Sheeran, hold on, because your toughest competition is here. I’ve become a Music Idol superstar over the past few months. My little one seems too keen on various types of music and there are times when only singing could soothe his little heart. And don’t think I am exaggerating. Once I even got a compliment on the street on my singing skills, even though I was jamming a famous na-na-na song. A kind gentleman said I was singing beautifully, while I was explaining this was the only way to keep my little one from crying in the stroller. I sing day and night now, sometimes even when there’s no baby around me.

And so here I am, writing this post at night while humming a lullaby to my son, waiting for him to fall asleep so that I can carefully place him in his crib and slowly and gently sneak out of the room. Having this in mind, please excuse any mistakes you may find in this post – it is all a midnight affair.



  • If you are wondering bout the light in the photo – this is a freaking awesome night light I found on amazon. It has different levels of brightness as well as warm/cold light switch. It is charged with a USB cable and there’s no bulb to change, no cable to have plugged somewhere really uncomfortable, where you can trip up in the middle of the night. Here’s a link to it – link


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