Book leftovers from last year

I love to read even though I don’t do it as often as I would like to.  When I was a kid and there were not many alternatives to books (like TV, Internet, etc.) I’d often spend my free time reading and I quite enjoyed it. Fast-forward to the present day I no longer read as much, for a number of reasons, but I have a plan to turn that around, which includes a NY’s resolution to read at least one book per month. Please don’t judge me, if this number seems too small from where you’re standing.  I know that it’s not serious of me to say that I love reading but have to make it my goal to read more. However, I have too many excuses not to read and need a structure to help me get rid of them.

Anyway. The reason for the title of this post is that 2017 is already gone and I have a few books, which I’ve read only half-way through. Now I am determined to finish them, even though I am not convinced I like them all. One might think that even the fact that I haven’t finished them says a lot about how I feel about those books, but that may not be the case exactly and I’ll tell you why.


Zoe SuggZoe Sugg’s – Girl Online Going Solo

This book is a very light read I’d say. Not too complicated to have to follow strictly who is who and what happened where. I actually picked it up, because I’ve read the first one of her books – Girl Online, and quite liked it. The first one was as light as this one, but soooo engaging – I couldn’t put it down. Be it the hormones, because I read it whilst I was still pregnant, or what, but I fell in love with it and its characters, the setting, everything. I know that now you’re thinking – ahhh, teen mom. No, I was 30 back then.

This one, however, was not so engaging (for those of you, who hadn’t heard of these series – there are three books in total, and Girl Online is the first one, while Girl online going solo is the third one. – Yes, I’ve skipped the second one). It was a very pleasant read, and knowing the characters it was quite intriguing to see what’s happened to everyone. However, it didn’t seem to keep me glued to the story as the first one. Or maybe it’s because I did not read the second one and I got side-tracked from the story. I’m even considering blaming the fact that I really liked Noah and Penny together and now they are no longer a thing I’m boycotting the whole story.

We’ll see. I love the way it is structured – diary entries, alternating with blog posts. It hit me right where it had to. So, Zoe, if you ever read this – congrats on the choice of structure – it’s perfect. I decided to read it all through, and maybe even go back to the missing link further in 2018.


the graveyard booksThe Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

I love this one. It’s I guess supposed to be a children’s book, but come on – a murder in the very first chapter!? It’s very compelling, even though I was a bit disappointed to find out that at some point the chapters are not related so much to one another, but each one is bringing its own set of characters.

The reason I haven’t finished this one is because I started “reading” it as an audio book – the one narrated by the author himself. I quite like the way he makes the story sound, but I feel like I’m missing the reading part. Not being a native English speaker makes it even harder to imaging some of the words he uses. In addition, I have a visual memory and not having seen the character’s names can be quite confusing in following the story. I definitely will start this one all over again – this time in paper copy (or Kindle edition, whichever is easier to get).

the book thiefThe Book Thief by Markus Zusak

This one I fell in love with when I saw it on the shelves of one of the local bookstores. It seemed like a book I’d love and going through the synopsis I felt like this was “the book” to read. Yes, but no. I don’t like it. I don’t like the way it is structured – colours, short, dictionary-like explanations, no actual thorough story to read through. It’s not my type of book. In addition, the story started so grave, that I immediately wanted to stop reading. It was making me feel sad (added to the post-pregnancy hormones – imagine). I am determined to read it. Just because of being as stubborn as I naturally am. I’ve already reached the middle and it would be a shame to leave it like that.


So finishing off these three books is my goal for January. I hope I will manage and will start afresh in February. Just need to find something I like to continue with. So if you have any suggestions – please feel free to comment below with books you’ve fallen in love with. I am a bit of a book junkie, so don’t worry about sticking to particular genres J





* I don’t actually own the paper copies of those books. That is why the images above come from various sources online, solely for visualisation purposes.



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