The masks       

Red faceMe – I have just these 3 masks at the moment but do switch them a bit throughout the year. You wanna know what I am talking about? Here’s what they are:

  1. The red face – I know it sounds like this would be my angry face, but it is right the opposite – this is my calm face. When I am relaxed, sometimes when embarrassed, but in most cases when I am glad of how my life is going. You might even say that I am most myself when red-faced. It is not terribly pretty and is rough, with bumps here and there, but it is ME, the real me. This face brings me back to the person I originally set out to be, it “evens my skin tone” and aligns all contradictions in my recent actions to who I want and feel confident to be.
  2. The top face – This I wear when I need to steer away from what I truly feel and who I really am. And please do not blame me for trying to pretend to be someone else, because we’ve all been there. There are situations in life that require us to be less of ourselves in order to achieve something. We might appear to be brave in the face of danger to avoid mocking or simply to show strength. We might want to look stricter than what we truly are, just because the others are taking advantage of us and it is the only way to cope. It could even be that we need to disguise the child within because we are living the adult life and no one will take us seriously otherwise. And these are just a few of the tens and hundreds of cases when we need not be ourselves or at least appear different from what we really are. The truth, however, is that beneath these “masks” we are ourselves and they have these magic ingredients that at the same time work on ourselves and do not leave us without a mark. Little by little we soak up some of their juices and ingredients and change. These might be beneficial little changes that happen to ourselves, but we need to choose wisely, because they may also give you some bad effects. I try to pick up gentler ones – those that make my skin and self better, the ones that might have a positive long-term effect.  Of course, I have had some bad experiences, but try not to repeat and stick to the ones I believe are good for me.
  3. The peel-off face – This one I use at regular intervals and helps me shake off all the dirt and unpleasantries that my skin has soaked up from the environment. When living in a big city among thousands of people, the environment can get hostile, polluted with bad influence that can get deep into your skin in the form of “black dots”. Well, if you want to clear yourself of those bad influences, you need to make a clean-up. And the best way to disroot those bad influences is by peeling them off of your skin, with something strong that will drag them with it to the bin.

This is me so far. I would love to know what your faces are. Let me know in the comments below.

I also take recommendations for other face masks to try J



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