Talking about those NY’s resolutions

It is nearly NY’s Eve (I actually wrote it earlier, but didn’t get around to publish it sooner – sorry!) and as many other people out there I am using these last few days to depress myself over how much I have not managed to achieve this year. Don’t worry, I will cheer up later this week when it is already January 1st and I am making my new promises to myself J

But back to my resolutions for this year – 2016. There were quite a few, but I meant them to be many, because this was the year when I wanted to keep myself seriously busy and to focus on activities that will keep me away from the thought of …. . This goal I achieved – I did distract myself, which now that I’m saying it I realize that I’ve actually achieved my biggest goal for this year. Yay!!!

And since, unless you are within my closest circle of friends and family, there’s no way you’d know what my resolutions were, I will let you in on this secret:

  • Physical skills – Learn to ski and swim – These two are very embarrassing, because … here it is … I am not 10 years old *blush* , which makes me too old to be starting with such activities just now. Turns out, however, that age doesn’t really matter, if you are truly determined (and have the right people around you to motivate you and keep you on track). So as you probably sensed already – these two I managed to master within the past 12 months *pat on the shoulder*
  • Lose weight – This is so typical I was almost too ashamed to write it. And it is not like I had to lose too much – talking about like 9 pounds (4 kg), but they were becoming so attached to me that they would not leave nomatter what I was doing. Thanks to a friend of mine, who recommended a fitness instructor, in only one month I achieved this. It was in August and took a lot of effort on my part, because not only that I had to exercise every day (don’t laugh – I know this is what’s normal for many people, but it was not for me), but I also had to follow a strict diet, which was sooo delicious, but quite restricting at the same time – the only sweets I was allowed to eat were fruit, and that was only every third day. TORTURE! But I managed. Then came the news for the baby and I am back to my old weight now, even a bit over, which is no longer a problem because now I have a tried and tested way of getting back in shape J


The things I did not manage to achieve L:

  • Read at least one book per month or a total of 12 for the entire year. – I had a good start with this one, but unfortunately somewhere around looking for the next good book to read I found my excuse for not following up on this promise. To be honest, I never really stopped reading, but I don’t think I made it to 12. I seem to have lost count… – this one is going over to next year.
  • Post at least one article on my professional blog every – This was in order to resume my activities there. Unfortunately, I never made it to writing even one article, but in my defence, I was struggling on finding a topic that would not uncover any trade secrets from my day job. Anyway – I have a new plan for next year for this blog and found a way around this pickle so hopefully will be able to fulfil this goal next year.
  • Learn German and cover at least the first level – A1. – This one is half done. I started attending a course in German language, but because of the little human that appeared in the meantime I had to reduce most of my activities to a minimum. I am not sure I will have time to continue this next year, so I am still wondering whether I should transfer this goal over.

Now that I think about it, these were not too many to handle for a year, and yet, there I was -struggling to achieve them all. But come next year…

I will let you know when I come up with my new list for 2017. And I will definitely post it here to keep me on track, because other people’s scrutiny is the best motivator J

But how about you – what was your year like? Let me know in the comments below, and in the meantime – don’t be too hard on yourself, because as we all know – NY’s resolutions are meant to be broken J

Have lovely holidays!

Kisses, PavlyDovely

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