It’s Christmas time – gift ideas for next year

25 days into December and it’s Christmas time. For the past few days I’ve crafted some Christmasy stuff, decorated the house, wrapped presents and finally unwrapped some. This for yet another year was the best time to spend with my family!!!

And now that the day is almost over, I am already loaded with some new presents ideas, may be for next year, but why not for the upcoming birthdays as well, and I thought I should share these here. So brace yourself – here they are:

  1. A Speech Bubble Light.


This one I saw on Amazon and fell in love with it. I so much enjoy leaving small messages around the house, and being able to do that on a light excites me soooo much. To be hones I already bought this one for my sister’s birthday so next Christmas this won’t be on my shopping list, but just couldn’t wait and I honestly believe she will enjoy it.

If it were me – the first message I’ll leave there will be for my lovely husband – “Bring me your gorgeous smile on your way back from work” J

You can order it here from Amazon, currently priced at £15,13.


  1. Face Mats

Here is a great idea for a not-so-pricey gift for a friend, who loves a good joke. If you cannot see how fun these actually are, you just need to try them because they are not only hilarious, but match perfectly every type and size of a face. These may also be great party props that you can enjoy with your friends, in case you decide to be a bit more selfish and buy them for yourself.

Here is where you can get them (again from Amazon) for £4,90.

I found out that there are various types of mats on Amazon like these, so if you want greater variety, simply put “face mats” in the search bar and see what comes up.


  1. Candy Floss Maker

A personal favourite of mine! It brings back the child in me and again is a great centrepiece for a friendly gathering. If I ever get one of these I know that most of my friends with children would love to borrow it, but they should have in mind it comes with some baggage – me J

Here is an offer again on Amazon by Gourmet Gadgetry, and is currently priced at £29,91 (this is a reduced price from what I see, but there are plenty of other resellers you may want to try).


  1. Zero Ink pocket printer

Last and priciest option on this list. It is for all photo-crazy people like me, who are constantly snapping photos on their phones, cameras, etc. The good thing about this printer is its size first, because you can easily carry it around in your bag and print out on the go, but secondly there’s no ink involved so no leakage and smudging and you only need one more addition for it to function – zero ink paper.

I have found two quite reliable brands that sell such printers – Polaroid and HP. Which one is better – I leave it to you to decide. Mind you, the HP one is a bit more expensive, but maybe they have a good reason why. Let me know in the comments if you have any personal experience with either of them. Prices here vary from  £99 to about £200.

So this is my list so far. Please feel free to add your favourite gift ides below in the comments, no matter whether you already have them, have given them or would very much like to receive yourself.

Have great holidays!


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