Building Habits cover

Building new habits. A “how-to”.

I know it’s already in the second-half of May, but we’re still under a lockdown so I thought it a good time for some self-discovery and improvement. My goal – building some new habits. This year started rough for me so there was no time for New Year’s resolutions. However, since I’ve not been very …

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Have you heard about Ed Sheeran?

#gifted This will have a little to do with Ed Sheeran and a lot to do with life and personal communication. For better or for worse, I sometimes fall into contemplations about life and how things happen, people act and think, and most often than not – I think about my own life. This is …

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Bucklebury farm cover
Family and kids Travel

Visiting a farm. Bucklebury Farm

We’ve never been to a farm before. At least not one that’s specifically been designed for entertainment and family days out. In the country where I come from, a farm could just be a small village house. There will often be an old lady, living there, who would take the sheep out every morning to …

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Cradle cap title image
Family and kids

Cradle cap – easy-peasy

I have two children and they both had cradle cap as babies. One of them, however, had it as a toddler as well. Now I am not a medical professional, but had my fair share of experience in treating cradle cap. While it was not a pleasant experience, we did find a very easy and …

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Easter activities UK_cover
Family and kids Life

An Easter to remember

Easter. A holiday full of traditions, excitement, family time and … eggs ( you thought I was gonna say chocolate, didn’t you). It is my parallel Christmas, despite the lack of presents and I still love all Easter activities we get into. Let’s go back a bit first for all new readers here. I come …

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Olay Whip review cover

Beauty finds – Olay whip

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to take better care of myself and find a skincare set that matches my age, works and hopefully is within my budget. Last year I discovered MY night cream, which is a dream find, because I have been able to witness the results straight away. I have recommended it …

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