Father’s day gift ideas – to those special men in our lives

There are less than two weeks to this lovely celebration of the favourite men in our lives. If you’re still struggling for Father’s day gift ideas, I thought I could give you a hand and offer a few that have crossed my mind. 

Matching T-shirts

That’s super cheesy and ordinary, one might think. However, if done well, it could really be a wonderful Father’s day gift. When I say “done well” I mean that you need to consider the type of person the said father is. That is, whether they are keen on Star Wars, like to ride a bike, have a peculiar sense of humour. Good new is that there are sooo many options out there that there’s bound to be one for even the most unusual of interests. I’ve put together a small selection below, which is by no means fully-comprehensive, but it’s a good start.

A personalized photo book from JJGIFTBOOKS

The moment I saw these I was hooked. They tell a little story of the moments your other half has had with your little one/s and you get to insert your own pictures to make it more personal.  I love photos but most of the gifts with family portraits now seem a bit boring to me. This one, however, gives you a story to enjoy as well and I think it will be perfect for going through it with your kids while they’re still little and reminiscing of the good moments spent together. There are all kinds of combinations that you can choose from in there and they also have books for mums and grandparents. 

Note: This was my Father’s day gift of choice for this year, but unfortunately, even though there are so many options to choose from, I did not see one for a toddler boy and baby girl, so maybe next year

Engraved items 

This is another cheesy Father’s day gift, but if done well could be really classy. I like some discreet personal touch on everyday items and this seems like the perfect opportunity. Here I’ve put together a short list of examples. However, the trick again is to choose depending on the person. 

  • Watch box – There’s something very attractive I find in engraved glass. And what’s more, a watch box is not something a person buys for themselves, but, especially with men, could turn out to be very useful. 
  • Cuff links – If you’re buying a present for someone, who normally dresses quite formally, this could be a nice item to carry around effortlessly and discretely. It could have the first letters of the child’s/ children’s names engraved on it for simplicity and style.
  • Wallet – Very specific and again I’d prefer it to be discretely engraved only with initials. 
  • Watch – This is quite the grand present and I normally don’t go for such expensive ones for occasions like these. However, if you feel like it and have the budget – go for it. An engraved watch I think is always a very stylish present for a man to make up for the lack of jewellery options.

Superhero LEGO frame

This picture was taken and belongs to the Little Gems website. Used for illustration purposes.

For all the superhero fans out there. There are lots of these and can easily become a fun DIY project for you and the kids. If you don’t have the time or will to do it yourself you can always head over to Etsy or Little Gems,for example, and you’d find lots of people offering to make these for you with competitive pricing.

A joint experience

There’s nothing more bonding than having fun together doing something special that both the dad and the kids enjoy. It could be anything from trying a new sport, going on a hike, water/adventure parks or practicing a hobby like car racing for example (for the older kids). There are lots of places to purchase experiences from, but the one I have used before is buyagift.co.uk. Groupon is another option and they do have lost of offers at the moment. 


And this concludes my list of Father’s day gift ideas. I might get back to it next year, if I run out of new ones. Most of these would not break up the bank and should not add up too much to your everyday costs.

I hope that you’ve found something you like in it or got inspiration for the best gift ever. I would love to find out your ideas or past experiences, so please do share them in the comments below. I hope you have a lovely Father’s day. 


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  1. These are great ideas! I will be giving my dad a new watch and a cool watch box! Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ Let me know if you are interested in doing collabs! xx

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