Book choice for little readers winter 2019

A book choice for little readers – Winter 2019

It is already April and I am ready with my list of good reads for little readers we’ve stumbled upon over the past three months. We haven’t been too active on the reading front, only because following the Christmas and New Years (I know, it was a long time ago) holidays, our little boy got lots of non-readable toys, and was keeping busy with them. We also had a tiny addition come into our family called Elina, and she’s been distracting us from all sorts of activities. Nonetheless, for a tri-monthly post I think we’ve managed to fit in quite a few children’s books. I’ve also put in one book for the very little of readers, but I’ll tell you more about it further on.

So here are our top children’s books for the first quarter of 2019:

The three billy goats gruff

This one we bought from M&S and it seems it is part of their “first readers” selection. I did not like it in the beginning, because of the styling of the illustrations. However, it managed to win me over after some time. My son seemed to enjoy the story and so far it has been the only children’s book we’ve managed to read through, without him interrupting the story or only looking at the pictures. We’ve also been doing some role-playing, experimenting with the different voices as described in the narrative and he’s been fascinated with some of the exclamations, which he still repeats on a daily basis.

On the farm

It is very easy to pick children’s books for someone who is kind of obsessed with certain topics.  Having said that, my son is currently very much into animals of all sorts and vehicles, with focus on tractors. Knowing all that you probably see why this book was such a Win. We found it by accident in the library and it has turned into his favourite children’s book, which we probably would not be returning for a while. It has lots of interactive bits, and even though there is no particular story in it, the illustrations have been fascinating enough to gain my son’s attention. We are now learning to notice the little details and have been practicing naming the animals we  see. Currently, all is well except for the rabbit, which comes out as a [‘fabet], but its so cute – I don’t want to correct him.

Busy car book

This is a book with a kind of nontraditional story for us. I did not know that such children’s books existed until I saw someone selling it second-hand. We decided to buy it new for a few reasons, but I am quite happy with it. I do need to admit that it is more of a toy, rather than a book. It has very little text and the focus is mainly on the illustrations and “the car”.

Basically each page represents a busy landscape with a road on which you place the toy car, pull it back a little and it goes on its own forward, round the bends and to the very end. Because of the very detailed illustrations, we have been using it to spot different objects like dogs, cats, birds, etc. It also taught our son how to make those pull-back cars go, of which he has a few.

Shapes in the home

We’ve had this children’s book for a while. Again – there’s not much of a story in it. However there are the shape-type characters that the child needs to find among other objects within the house. Our son really enjoyed searching for them and whenever he got them right – he seemed so pleased with himself. It has been a good way to introduce the basic shapes – square, triangle and circle. However, I think it was just a coincidence that he liked this book so much and would probably would not recommend it if it were only left to my judgement.

What happens next?

I am in love with this book. We got it from the library and if you think it was my choice – you guessed right. I really like the illustrations in it. There is a sort of a story line going on, but it is all about curiosity and using your imagination. Also looking at the pictures there’s also a cheeky twist to it, which I like.

But what completely won my attention, was that the main character is called Ellie, and this is how we call our little baby. I tried to read it to my son, but he hasn’t been very attentive. As soon as he realised the connection between the girl in the book and his little sister, all that he’s been doing is point at her at each page and rush to the next one to see if she’s there as well. I think it might be too early for this book, so we’ll probably come back to it after a few months time.

Puppy and friends

Another one from the library. There’s not much to it, not to mention that it is quite short. It is one of those children’s books that we got purely because he is so much into dogs at the moment and we really use it more like a photo book, rather than an actual book. It has some textures within it, but he hasn’t been too interested in them and would prefer to just look at the different pictures. Maybe he’s outgrown the textures phase.

Black and white shapes

This is a very special book, because we got it as a gift, together with our baby’s birth certificate. It is for the tiniest of “readers” and focuses on what we’ve all heard – that in the beginning of their lives babies recognize only black and white colours. My daughter has been enjoying the occasional flip through this book, but I’ve got to admit that my son got interested in it as well. (I guess partly because it was not HIS book 😊 ).

What I really want to say about this book, however, is that it comes from a charity, which is meant to encourage interest in books in small children from very early age. This is so important to me and I am so grateful that we’re in a place where there is someone making a conscious effort to unite children with books. Reading, I believe, needs to have it’s place in anyone’s life and can help in so many different ways – opening new horizons, helping with literacy, educating, developing curiosity, traveling and so much more. And it should not be a bore or a chore (funny rhyme here), but a sought after experience that makes your soul and mind richer. So I’d like to say a big “Thank you!” to the Booktrust for doing what they do.

Feels like a new trip to the library is already long overdue. My son has become less interested in his toys and most of the time we’ve been going over and over through his books. I guess they provide more of a variety than the toys, especially considering they combine all his favourite subject. I hope we’ll have some good reads to recommend for the next quarter as well. Until then – happy reading and if you have any children’s books you’ve really enjoyed I’d love to get a recommendation in the comments below.

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