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New year’s resolutions i.e. promises to myself for 2019


We are already well into February and I know it is no time for New Year’s resolutions but for a number of reasons I had to have a late start to mine. Main reason being having a baby, who was due for the beginning of February, hence the late start, even though she came a bit early.

Enough rambling, because the clock is ticking and I need to start on them as well as write about them 😊

So, this year I have quite a few things to achieve. I’ve set high goals, and considering I will have to face the challenge of also taking care of two children – I hope I could make it at last through 50% of these New Year’s resolutions. I’ve decided to split them into a few categories, to make it easier for me to follow. They kind of overlap in time, but one goal/promise does not interfere with the other, as they are meant to occupy a different part of my life.

So here they are – my New Year’s resolutions for 2019:

Physical health

New Year's resolutions 2019 - physical health
  1. Get back in shape – After having our little baby girl, I need to start working on this. I’ve given myself a whole year for it, but at the end of 2019 I need to be happy with where I am and how I look and feel.
  2. Be more active – Not lose weight by just eating healthily, but also be more active. Need to get in a better shape, start moving more and try to exercise at least 3 times a week.
  3. Physiotherapy – This one came after our baby girl was born. Turns out that because of my huuuge belly, now I have to do some physiotherapy in order to strengthen back my abdominal muscles. I want to be really persistent with this, because the long-term damage could be too great.

Maintain some healthy habits

New Year's resolutions 2019 - healthy habits
  1. Teeth – Brush my teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day. Here I am aiming at a success rate of 90%, because I do realise that there will be days when I’m not not not able to do it.
  2. Start taking greater care of my appearance – Being above 30 I need to stop kidding myself that nature on its own is going to be kind to me. Here I include starting to use some professional services on a regular basis, like hairdresser, cosmetician, manicurist, etc.
  3. Take better care for my body and skin age-wise – find some good products for eye area, hands, neck, etc. Or in other words, get an age-appropriate skincare routine.  
  4. Get a better wardrobe. – When we moved to the UK I took only the essentials with me. Then a period of being pregnant meant I did not buy too many clothes, just because I knew they’d have an expiry date. So a new shape must come with a new wardrobe – nothing excessive, just a better-looking me.


Blog, work and skills-development

New Year's resolutions 2019 - work
  1. Start working from home on a more regular basis. – I already do some work as a part-time marketing assistant for one lady, but would like to find possibly one more source of work to do home-based. Maybe work on fostering some partnerships for my blog as well.
  2. Improve my blog work – Post one article on my blog every week (aiming at 100% here) and spread it on social media (Instagram, twitter and yes, facebook and pinterest). Finish off polishing my blog.
  3. Learn more about Photoshop and image processing.

Mental health

New Year's resolutions 2019 - happiness
  1. Be more positive and inspire myself to find and cherish the good things that happen to me every day.
  2. Be a calmer parent – I have a newborn, who refuses to get into any kind of routine and prefers to sleep during the day, instead of the night, and a nearly-two-year-old toddler going through baby puberty, having to cope with not being the only child anymore and moving to the next group of wild children in the nursery. So, you can see why I need to work better on my breathing techniques and find some way to blow off steam 😊


New Year's resolutions 2019 - general
  1. Read one book per month. – Every year this promise comes up on my list and I never really succeed with it. But I need to have it here as it makes me want to try a little bit harder than if it wasn’t.
  2. Make the bed every morning, except when there is someone sleeping in it. – I actually do it now, but want to see if I am persistent enough. Good habits make for a happier life, I think.
  3. Budget better my expenses. – I haven’t had any money troubles lately, but I feel like I could do better so I’ll try to do some kind of follow-up on my expenses and see if I am not going too overboard.

Hm, looking at this long list of New Year’s resolutions – I must have felt really positive, when I did it. In any case, I think it will be good to have some purpose for 2019 and I see I have both light and deep things to achieve, so it is quite balanced. I hope at the end of this year, no matter how much I’ve managed to achieve, to be happy with where I am 😊 Best of luck to all of you out there as well!

Please do let me know what your New Year’s resolutions are for 2019. It will be fun to compare and I might get some fresh ideas for next year.


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