Maternity styling for less

Maternity styling or how to dress your bump for less in the Autumn/Winter

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It’s my second time being pregnant and just like the previous time I am faced with the issue of dressing appropriate for my “situation” and at the same time not spending too much money on clothes that would only fit me for a few months (I hope J ). I need to make a side note here – when we moved, I did not bring my maternity clothes with me, because they were not a priority at the time. I had also given most of them away to expecting friends with similar body-type, which is why I had to start almost entirely from the very beginning with building my maternity wardrobe for this pregnancy.

Here is what I learned during my two pregnancies about maternity styling

  1. Pants/jeans/trousers/shorts
    No matter the season, if you want to wear any of these items of clothing you need to invest in special maternity ones. In the beginning, you might be able to get away with some more stretchy trousers or even sportswear. However, as your bump starts to get bigger this might become a “mission impossible”. I, personally, prefer the over-the-bump type of pants, just because they support my belly really well. In addition, the under-the-bump ones have proven to just not stay in one place and I will constantly have to pull them up, in order to stay decent.
  2. Skirts
    For me, being short and fairly thin, the only type of skirt that seemed ok, whilst pregnant, was a pencil-skirt. I know that many girls opt for some freer designs, but these all made me look ginormous. One note, though – the pencil skirts I bought have all been longer in design. Furthermore, I had to go not one, but 2 or 3 sizes up. This allowed me to pull the skirt up over my belly and still have some fabric left to go down as far as my knees. It is also important for these skirts to be of elastic material and have an elastic band at the top. Thus they could fit my tummy and not fall off. I suppose you could also wear these under your bump, but I prefer having something cover and kind of hold my belly tight.
  3. Tops
    You might want to go ahead and buy a few maternity tops. Even if you do, though, I’d advise you to get some really plane ones in basic colours. That’s because you can then combine them with other items of clothing, style them with scarves and jewellery. Thus you can have a varied wardrobe, without actually spending too much money on a number of clothing items. This is what I did with both my pregnancies:  depending on the season, I bought 2-3 long-sleeve, short-sleeve and strappy, regular, not maternity, tops (usually white, black and a coloured one). They were one-size bigger than my regular one and longer, so that they will cover my bump even in the last month of pregnancy. Then I will usually style these with a cardigan, a vest, a scarf or some jewellery. The good thing is that since these were not strictly maternity, as soon as I washed them, even if they did get a bit stretched in the belly-area, they would usually go back to their original shape. This allowed me to wear them during the months after giving birth as well as when I eventually got back to a more non-maternity shape.
  4. Dresses
    There are so many types of dresses you could wear whilst pregnant. The most common type is the one where the belt comes right under your boobs, and the bottom part falls down freely over your bump. Unfortunately, I haven’t been successful in finding such a dress that would look good on me. As I mentioned earlier, being short and thin made my bump stick out quite a bit forward, even in the earlier months of pregnancy. That is why these types of dresses made me look, quite frankly, like a whale. That’s why, I would go for more body-defining dresses, mostly knitted ones, which nicely emphasize the curves of my body.
  5. Socks/tights
    I am only including this type of clothing in order to give you one idea. This I believe is very useful if you don’t want to invest in maternity tights. During the warmer months, what I used to put on under a skirt or a dress were those thigh-high over-the-knee socks/stockings, which, again, I was able to wear after giving birth, without having a sagging bit where my bump was. These are very convenient, however, I do think they are not meant for everyone. In the beginning, I found them quite disturbing and uncomfortable, because they kind of seem to end in the middle of nowhere and it was weird not having your bum covered. Going to the bathroom was another challenging moment, which I had to get used to. Still, I now own quite a few pairs of these and use them all the time, even when not pregnant.

Bonus : Shoes
I know I don’t need to include this, but I just wanted to do a quick mention. For me, it seemed more comfortable wearing slightly raised at the heel shoes, instead of flat ones, whilst pregnant. These help my feet feel a lot more comfortable and not get tired so easily. There are no special maternity shoes, as far as I know, but most women decide to wear flats. However, my doctor warned me that flats are worse for feet that slightly-raised shows. No stilettos of course J

Maternity styling accessory - scarf

A vest as an accessory for maternity styling.

An example of a plain scirt that can be worn whist pregnant.

Another thing that I feel I need to mention is that I have bought most of my clothes from cheaper shops like Primark, H&M and Forever 21, just because even if they don’t last long I would not feel bad about it. I know that there are some really pretty and dreamy maternity designs out there. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like this is an investment I need to make at the moment. Yes, I do realize that clothes are not actually a form of investment, but decided on going for this expression. If I was going to some fancy event, I might try something a bit more special. It could be a more expensive and yes, specifically maternity item, but for the time being I’m in the clear. All I need now are some everyday clothes.

Here are a few photos of my most preferred looks.

Maternity outfit 1 - plain top with cardigan and a scarf, combined with maternity jeans Maternity outfit two - plain top and maternity jeans, styled with a vest Maternity outfit three - Stretchy non-maternity dress with over-the-knee socks Maternity outfit four - plain stretchy top with a non-maternity skirt over the bump Maternity outfit four - close-up on the non-maternity skirt

Please do share any of your tips and tricks for maternity styling. I am still pregnant and could definitely apply these over the next few months J

And here you can see some more useful advice for a pick-me-up DIY maternity photo shoot I did earlier.


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