Beach holiday. With a kid. Yes, please!

This is probably going to be a short post, but as I am currently on a vacation, my usual routine is getting slightly disturbed, and therefore I try to enjoy the time away, even if that means putting some things on pause. 

As I am lying on the beach, however, I thought I might share with you a bit of our organisation in order to enjoy fully such rare occasions and still take care of a little one. 


I’ve always loved going to the beach, even though when I was little we couldn’t afford to do so for various reasons. When I met my husband we started going more often and found things we both value in such holidays like relaxing on the beach, swimming in the crystal clear water and for me – overcoming myself and doing a bit of exploring of the underwater world. As you can imagine, having a kid can often change that and make it not impossible but difficult to enjoy the same things as before. And even though I have been looking forward to sharing with our little one these vacations, I new that it would not be the same. Our usual activities changed and the enjoying-the-piece-and-quiet bit would be impossible to achieve. And yet, here we are on our third beach holiday with this little one still convinced that this is as enjoyable for us as it is for him. We do wake up earlier than we’d like to and usually have an early night, but still manage to have a good time during our little breaks and relax. This is how we achieve it…

One thing we insist on having is a routine, which is very similar to the one we usually have. And that is mainly because it has taken ages to adapt with a small kid and our experience thought us to stick to what we know. We try to stick to our usual times even when changing time zones, which means that if he goes to bed at 8pm at home, he goes to bed again at 8pm in the other place, even if that equals 7 or 9pm at home. 

We go to the beach with the little one in the morning and in the late afternoon, but while he is having an afternoon nap with one of us, the other one can do what he/she feels like. That could be lying on the beach, swimming, sleeping or as in my case today- having an ice cream (we try not to eat too many forbidden types of food in front of our son, until it’s time for him to try them). He would usually sleep for 2-3 hours in the afternoon, so that gives us plenty of time to enjoy some forbidden pleasures and be relaxed and ready to enjoy the sea with him later. Key is to get an accommodation close to the beach, which was especially true while I was breastfeeding, because I had to be close by when he woke up. Now it is even easier because his father will give him his afternoon snack and then they’ll join me at the beach. 

I am not entirely sure how this is going to work out when the second one comes into play, but I hope we will find a solution that will allow us to still enjoy our holidays and spend some fun time with them as well.

P.s. I know that not all kids have an afternoon nap, but like most parents we try to keep our son indoors and away from the sun during the times when the sun is strongest. So if your kid does not sleep in the afternoon, again it could be just one if the parents staying in and the other one doing whatever they feel like.

Another disclaimer I want to add is that I have been fortunate enough to have my husband by my side. I am not entirely sure how this works out with single parents. However, I know that many of you would agree that having the chance to experience these good moments with your little one gives you an entirely new perspective, which most of the times can be even better than what you had before.


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