Beauty-life balance

Is there even such a thing as a balance between taking a seriously good care of yourself and living in today’s world? I am finding it hard to fit into my already insufficient 24-hour day a nearly an hour of beauty must-dos in order to remain presentable and not be ashamed at the person I see when passing by a mirror ( yes, I rarely have time to purposely go to the mirror and look at myself, but mostly it’s an accidental encounter).
I am a mum, but to be honest even if you are not taking care of children, but rather leading a life of a working woman it can still be super hard to maintain a beauty routine and still have time to sleep.

Let me tell you about me and you tell me then if you are struggling with that too.

I have always tried to take some care of my appearance, but have never been too obsessed with it until recently when I realized I am 32 years old and that some signs of ageing have already started to appear. Not to mention that I was recently reminded by facebook of some of my best times, trips and occasions over the past nearly 10 years, which made me realize that what I could effortlessly achieve before, was now going to need some hard work. In addition, I have made a promise to myself that I will not let my everyday life over-consume me to a point at which I am no longer the person I was before and give up on feeling positive about my appearance in favour of the more urgent tasks of the day. I wanted to be a mum my kids will be proud of being seen with.
So, in line with all that, I decided to up my game and add a few more steps into my everyday beauty routine, which before included only the basics like taking a shower, brushing my teeth, putting some cream on in the morning whenever I remembered, hair-removal and other such things. I did not use to put any makeup unless it was a special occasion, my hair would only rarely receive the occasional “pampering”, which was basically going to have a haircut, and by now I hope you get the general picture.
Now, as I mentioned, I decided to change some things and add a few more steps into my beauty regime. This is what it ended up looking like:

In the morning it takes me about 10min to get myself ready and by that I mean brush my teeth, wash my face, put some day cream and brush my hair. Since I found out I’m pregnant I added one more step  and that is putting on some lotion to prevent stretch marks on key areas like tights, belly and butt.

In the evening I do a bit more in order to get myself clean and ready for sleep. I’ve calculated it takes me about 20 – 30min, depending on how impatient our son gets to go to bed because I try to do all this before we do his evening ritual. I do a lot in the evening which includes cleansing my face thoroughly and then putting on some toner, serum and cream. I also do the regular things like brushing my teeth and taking a quick shower. There’s the occasional body scrub, which I only do if I have a bit more time and I usually do half my body one day and the other half the next one. I do also put some body oil to prevent stretch marks (I do the oil in the evening, because I don’t want it to go all over my day clothes and the lotion in the morning, because it does not leave any stains) and some heel softening cream, whenever I remember to do it.

I also try to take some care of myself when leaving the house. I always put some sun cream on my face, which would either be tinted or not (I prefer the tinted sun cream to foundation, because my face seems to look more natural with it and it does not accentuate my pores). I may put some make up, but that would be on very rare occasions, and I would always brush my hair before leaving. All this takes me about 15min.

In addition there would be the occasional shower, which now takes about 10min twice a week, because that’s all I can afford. I also try to do any many-paddy at least once a week. Drying my hair takes ages (15-20min) so I never do it fully and do try to either straighten or curl my hair whenever I see myself with some more spare time (30min.)
And there you see how much time and effort one needs to put into taking care of their appearance and that’s just to be presentable. Imagine if you wanted to make a constant effort to do better. I personally don’t think that I could afford to do more than that at that point in my life. The only thing that I might improve is upgrading the products I use, but time-wise that would be it for quite a while.

I am curious to see how you’re doing. Are you struggling with finding time to take better care of yourself and how you cope with that. Let me know if you’ve managed better that I have, because I could definitely use some advice.

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