All the (crazy) things I didn’t do

Disclaimer: These photos are from one of the things I DID do, because as you can imagine I do not have any of the things I DID NOT do 🙂

Everyone has at least a few if not more things they once had their minds set on, but never really gone for, be it for the right reasons or just because they didn’t feel like it. I decided to go back in time and think of some of the most prominent ones in my own life and share them with you. So there it goes:

Getting a tattoo – I had it all planned. I knew what I wanted and I knew where I wanted it to be. There were so many things that scared me about it, however, and eventually I found an excuse that was good enough for me not to get one. When I was younger, not getting a tattoo felt like I’d missed out on something  that won’t make sense doing now that I am older. My so called excuse was that when I get old and my skin starts to sag, this tattoo is going to look so gross, but I would not have the nerve and probably the will to do something about removing it so it will just be there – the ugly picture hanging from my back, reminding me that I am old and was foolish once.

Piercing my tongue – Another fix idea of mine, which I somehow managed to intertwine into a fictitious ultimatum. I remember applying to study at a few German universities and saying to myself that if they did not accept me, I’d pierce my tongue. I was super scared it would hurt really bad, but promised that to myself because I was super sure I was going to get in. Well, I didn’t. My dad then told me I would start speaking with a lisp and that would prevent me from finding a proper job. In addition, I was convinced I was going to lose a few teeth while chewing my food and occasionally biting on my tongue-ring by mistake, so that idea was gone for good.

Learning to ride a bike and actually getting one. – I didn’t chickened out of this one, but actually found it too much hard work for something I wasn’t sure I was going to make much use of. Getting the license was not such a big deal as I know lots of people who’ve already done it and they say it’s easy to pass. But it all starts from there – buying a motorbike, buying all the gear (helmet, jacket, trousers, boots, etc.) and finding a place to keep it in, while not in use, because unlike cars you cannot leave it on the street just like that. Not to mention that where I come from motorbikes don’t get insured for the exact reason that they are difficult to keep safe J And taking into consideration that they are a weather-appropriate form of transport for just a few months in the summer, with the rest being if not impossible at least too much hard work – it was getting really difficult to convince myself to proceed with this endeavour. Last but not least – the hair. How on earth do you maintain a fairly decent hairdo and wear a helmet?! So yeah, I gave that up.

And as a final, a couple of more serious ones:

Starting my own company. – I’ve kind of always wanted to work for myself, to do the things I enjoyed the most and feeling the satisfaction of succeeding on my own, suffering the failures and learning from them. I never got round to doing that for so many reasons – lack of ideas, not convinced in the ones I already had, being shy, not having enough experience, not the right time, needed money, and so on.  Unfortunately, this is one of those things that I haven’t given up on, but don’t see actually achieving in the near future. The good thing about it is that it is still on my mind and every other day I think about it, which, believe me, is quite often, so I am hoping I will get back to it one day with a fresh mind and some more practical ideas.

Moving to another country. – This one is ticked already, but I decided to include it anyway, because it happened fairly recently and it did not go according to any plan I’ve had. It was a very spontaneous decision we made with my husband and I am not going to bore you with the reasons behind it. The thing is that this one happened without much planning and it was done in a couple of months. This is one of those things that happen in life, which tell you sometimes that it will never be the right time and you’ll never be prepared enough for it all, but you just need to do it. Ever since I got back from studying in the UK I have been very cautious about all the commitments I make, making sure I don’t sign up to something too long term, that will prevent me from moving, or at least make it more difficult.  And all those years I have been super conservative in my lifestyle in terms of settling in. Well, with baby steps I had kind of settled in, when this decision came into play. It hit me when I was least prepared for it, but I knew I wanted it so much, that I didn’t let go. All those things that were grounding me to stay where I was were irrelevant – they all seemed like things that did not matter and would not make much difference. So here I am – being happy with having achieved that.

This is by no means a finite list of all my unaccomplished goals. These are, however, the ones that came to my mind first when I started writing this post. Please bear in mind that just because I didn’t do something does not make it bad or unworthy, I know that each one of us is free to make their own choices. In the end what matters is being happy and at peace with your own decisions, because we are all different and different things make us happy so one needs to do the things that make them happy and for the right reasons, of course.

So how about you – what are the things YOU didn’t do?  Let me know in the comments below or just use the hashtag #allthethingsididntdo to share your experience. I would also be curious to find out if any of you have actually done the things I mention above and how you feel about them. May be I missed out on something – let me know J



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